For Chicago native, Kat Hibbard, life has not been easy. In fact, her unusual birth would be a catalyst for the rocky years ahead, growing up in the crossfire of violence for much of her childhood.  


When her mother intercepted a stray gunshot fired by her manic depressive, alcoholic father in 1964, her birth was artificially induced, bringing the infant Kat into a family riddled with alcoholism, domestic abuse and neglect.  


In 2007, Hibbard released her memoir Bullets: Growing Up In the Crossfire. Not knowing the industry, she paid in excess of $25,000 to publish that book. The price had higher ramifications as Hibbard was venturing out on her own to raise her children. 


Facing poverty, Hibbard continued to work 4 to 5 jobs in addition to marketing Bullets, taking interviews and speaking to teenaged victims of domestic violence. 


Early in 2015, Hibbard was inspired to get into the fiction game. This was mostly due to the $250,000 in college debt she accrued from her dedication to send her children to college (something she didn't have the opportunity to do early in life). In addition, Hibbard had also suffered two major losses of income. 


Writing fiction was at first difficult but as Hibbard became closer to the characters, storylines naturally unfolded. These characters at times host Hibbard's own hardhsips and views.


The Chubby Chasers Trilogy follows the dual personality of Carrolyyn Davidson. Carrolyyn is highly successful but is drivin by her compulsions. Early in the Chubby Trilogy, Carrolyyn meets the great JJ Mack of the Fastest Trim Down. 


There Is A Little Bit of Carrolyyn In All Of Us is the tagline for the series. Hibbard says we are all trapped by something in our lives, a barrier to live freely and chase our dreams.