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For Chicago native, Kat Hibbard, life has not been easy. In fact, her unusual birth would be a catalyst for the rocky years ahead, growing up in the crossfire of violence for much of her childhood. 

When her mother intercepted a stray gunshot fired by her manic depressive, alcoholic father in 1964, her birth was artificially induced, bringing the infant Kat into a family riddled with alcoholism, domestic abuse and neglect.  

The only escape was music and writing. Drowning out the gunshots and screams with album sides while screaming the lyrics to ease the pain–until she found other ways to numb the pain. What followed were teen years filled with drugs, bad decisions and more abuse. 

All the time Hibbard kept close to her music and her writing. Notebooks, napkins, flesh and raw tape recordings were her canvas. From her first poem publication in the Rust comic series to writing lyrics for Pope Salad to her first publication Bullets: Growing Up in the Crossfire, Hibbard wrote like her life depended on it. 

Her life did depend on finding success in her terror-filled past which collided with adult hardship. The lifeline was the written word. Hibbard published a fictional trilogy, Chubby Chasers, releasing volumes from 2014-2016. For her master’s capstone project, Hibbard published an online serial The Talk. 

Now teaching at SAE Institute in Chicago to the future musicians and producers who will ease the pain of countless other lost and tortured souls, she continues to fill her days with music and words. At the start of each class, Hibbard tells her students she is a high school dropout with a masters degree. 

Her tagline has always been that every experience is a new chapter. Hibbard has two adult children and lives with her husband and dalmatian Keiki in the Chicago suburbs. She is immersed in yoga, gardening, cooking, and of course live music. You can find her books on Amazon and other online sellers. 







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