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Challenge Chasers


​Volume 3 of The Chubby Trilogy, Challenge Chasers answers all the questions left open at the end of Chance Chasers. Carrolyyn has to go way back to learn about her strange habits and how they formed as she prepares to face The Fastest Trim Down as a contestant and reunite with her birth mother. Early in Challenge ,Derq makes a surprise appearance and Kix comes back in a big way. Hibbard cites the real challenge of Challenge Chasers is wrapping up the trilogy in a neat little package. 

Chance Chasers


Volume 2 of the Chubby Trilogy, Chance Chasers follows Carrolyyn Davidson on a journey into the unthinkable. Her compulsions take a dangerous shift as Carrolyyn suffers one tragic loss after another. Will JJ be able to save her? What has become of Derq? Has Ready Richard really replaced Derq Extreme? 

Chubby Chasers


Set in the Chicago area, Chubby Chasers introduces the dual personality of Carrolyyn Davidson. By day she is successful event planner and by night she is isolated and trapped by her compulsions. The novel follows Carrolyyn through an adventure house of transitions and transformations all spurred by an accidental visit to and while working on a contestant search for “The Fastest Trim Down.” 

Bullets Growing Up In The Crossfire


Kathleen was brought into this world by a bullet. Her young father's idea of entertainment was to shoot homemade soap bullets at his then seven months pregnant wife. When a bullet pierced her toe, the shock introduced an unsuspecting child into a life filled with fear, adversity, and reckless encounters. Bullets chronicles the cycle of horrific events Kathleen endured throughout her young life. Hibbard's satirical tone offers an escape amid the chaos of smashed Christmas trees, flying bullets, and the darkness of a violent, abusive childhood barren of comfort. She seeks to shelter readers from the pain in the same way she protected her own spirit, finding the bizarre humor within the tragedy. The result is a story of unexpected triumph. Hibbard's sharply written memoir inspires us to rise above and escape the crossfire. 

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