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Kat Hibbard completes The Chubby Trilogy





Author Teaches Readers to Bite the Bullet

May 2015

Really nice article from Elmhurst Suburban Life




Tribune Local 

May 2015

Trib Local Press Release




#Orange #Purple #LiveRead


Hibbard will Live Read Chubby Chasers on her Facebook Page beginning May 1st. It's part book read and part performance art. You will not want to miss it.



Chubby Chasers Available on Kindle - Surprise Early Release

IHibbard surprise releases the Kindle version of Chubby Chasers with excellent reviews. Preorder for print copies is availble on this site.


Kat Hibbard to Release Second Novel June 2015

What does a survivor do when faced with overwhelming debt incurred by making sure her children have a quality education. This survivor writes a book. When I wrote Bullets, I did so to reach out to young victims of abuse in order to give them hope. Chubby Chasers is also a hope story of a different kind. The main character is void of hope but with a simple click of a mouse, her life changes. It is my hope these 52,000 words will spur a change in my life. 

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