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The Ultimate Challenge

How does one channel positivity in the wake of extreme hardship? As this question weighs heavy through my most recent publishing endeavor, I find the answers through Carrolyyn. It is no secret, myself and my character are as one. While fictional, Carrolyyn's challenges are displayed in the writing that is derived from my everyday life.

My struggles with family, finances, and professional success weave their way into Challenge Chasers in an unexplainable fashion. I never plotted out this story. Each time I sit at the table with this device, the story unfolds. Even I don't know how it will resolve. What I do know is that I can't stop. The story spills from within.

A theme in Challenge Chasers is spilling it. Again, I didn't plan this. Each character has a chance to spill it. The spilling serves as an attempt to dig deep and to have an honest realization of how it all began. The spawn of The Chubby Trilogy has given me the opportunity to face my own limits and to move past them.

Because I'm still writing, I don't have the answers. Carrolyyn triumphs and fails and triumphs again. I want her to make it to the place she dreams of. I don't want anything else to get in her way and stop her but yet, as the words spill she keeps getting slammed and locked out of her dream world.

Challenge Chasers will end The Chubby Trilogy and the writer will find a new story to fall into. I want Challenge, in all it's finality, to also be a sign of the beginning. My own beginning past Bullets, past Chubby and past the failure of Chance.

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