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Chubby, Chance, Challenge, The Chubby Trilogy: An Annual Checkup

Most of us schedule and attend some type of regular exam through dentists or doctors. At the very least, we go for regular oil changes or tire rotations. The point is, there is some type of ritual we follow for well being or safety. My own ritual includes eating a nutritious diet and making time for regular exercise. I also try to leave time for fun. There is one more part of my routine which is challenging my mind and spirit.

Most recently, I have done this with writing. Over the past two years, I have suffered through much hardship. The writing became a major part of my self care routine. It was from such hardship, The Chubby Trilogy was born.

Two years ago, I was suddenly let go from a part time job that sustained me through 8 years of single parenthood. Along with the loss of income was the loss of friends and trust. It was a church I worked at and with a staff I assumed were at the very least honest. The details of my firing were covered up to make a good story to tell the church members. Following there were lies and other deceit. I would hear it from the outside. The worst type of betrayal is one of the spirit.

You will see many references to this betrayal within the pages of The Chubby Trilogy. You will also see instances of my chaotic and abusive upbringing. Finally, there are many connections to Carrolyyn’s weight issues with my financial burdens. Carrolyyn says it herself, “There is no diet to cure this. I have to work on it from the inside.”

The year, boy did I work. When I released Chubby Chasers in April, this story was to be one book. It seemed that I had much more self care that needed attending to. The list is extensive: financial demise, overwhelming college debt, moving and making placement plans for my handicapped mother, getting out of an abusive work situation, finding a better work situation but drowning in bills do to a pay cut and finally, spending thousands on editing and promotion for The Chubby Trilogy.

When my publishing efforts failed, this added a new fuel to my writing. I had a new purpose and that was to write and publish the entire trilogy in one year. I came in under the deadline with Chubby being released on 4-25-15 and Challenge on 4-20-16. My husband kept saying he didn’t understand why I put myself under so much pressure in getting the books out.

Publishing The Chubby Trilogy is the one thing I have control of. I had to borrow some money to have Challenge edited but other than that, this project was something no one could take away from me. No matter what was going on in my life, I could write and I could make it happen.

Challenge is full of discovery and self exploration. It is also funny, inspiring and sometimes shocking. My goal with Challenge was to wrap The Chubby Trilogy into a nice little package. I believe I have done that. Because of funding issues, I offered Challenge on a limited release for fans who were awaiting the final episode. My plan is to release The Chubby Trilogy as a set in September along with some extra promotion.

I’m having a hard time not writing during the interim. Don’t be surprised if you see something new from me before the next scheduled event. In the meantime, enjoy The Chubby Trilogy. I’m extremely proud of this work and of making it happen against the odds.

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